Labor Day Weekend Feast

This weekend was a great weekend of food, friends, adventure and relaxation. Went to Saint Anthony’s Feast in Boston’s North End with my father and boyfriend. It’s the last of many feasts in August. My dad and I introduced Jay to italian stuffed artichoke hearts. After the feast we headed to The Korean market. I picked up a few new ingredients shishamo fish, glass noodles and bubble tea tapioca. Jay grilled the fish at our friends house. These fish were filled with delicious roe that popped so nicely in your mouth. He finished them with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and fresh chopped parsley.
The next day I was craving short ribs so we braised them with wine, mirepoix, garlic, tomato paste, rosemary, thyme, parsley. After they cooked for a few hours I chopped up the meat, Jay reduced the braising liquid and added a roux to thicken it up and we made a pie with carrots, roasted pearl onions, celery, and peas. He also made sour cream mashed potatoes to serve as a bed for the pie. Jay had asked me earlier in the week for an Oreo cheesecake so I made one for dessert covered in chocolate ganache.









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