Easter Specials are Here!

Easter specials are HERE! Offering Italian Easter pizza chiena as well as freshly baked pies. Check out our Specials page to place your order. HAPPY EASTER! Pizza chiena in Italian tradition is made for Easter. Its a deliciously cheesy, eggy, meaty, grain filled appetizer and there are hundreds of recipes out there all passed downContinue reading “Easter Specials are Here!”

Shoyu Ramen

I can’t get enough Asian cuisine in my life. Their flavors are just so amazing. Had a crazy ramen craving so stopped by my local Asian market and made Japanese shoyu ramen. Shoyu is soy sauce in Japanese. This noodle soup has ground spicy pork, soft boiled egg, fresh water chestnuts, daikon radish, bean sprouts,Continue reading “Shoyu Ramen”